Jambalicious Smoothie!

Healthier and just as good as jamba juice smoothie!

I did a little experimenting this morning while making my smoothie.  I came up with something healthy and delicious

 This is what you will need:
1/2 pack of acai puree: (sprouts)
2 spoonfuls of frozen apple juice concentrate or 1/4 cup of any juice you like
5 strawberries
2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of mixed frozen berries
1 1/2-2 cups water

This comes out to 230 calories!

You get your fruits and vegetables all in one drink

This is just as tasty as your sugar loaded calorie drink from jamba juice, trust me!

This juice is also a good option to use instead of apple juice.  Since guava and passion fruit are my two favorite fruits I couldn't resist buying these at Whole Foods market.  It makes me miss Hawaii

Kashi Cereal

Genetically modified (GM) and pesticide loaded ingredients were discovered in Kashi's supposedly "natural" cereals.

read the article about it here

In 30 other countries around the World the use of GMO's are restricted and they are banned in some countries because they are not proven safe yet.  
Go lean original: contains GM soy grits and protein, GM corn meal, GM corn flour, and GM corn bran

Kashi heart to heart original:  Contains organophosphate pesticides implicated as causes of neuropathy in humans

"Natural" Kashi golean honey almond flax: contains malathion in the wheat and chlorpyrifos and piperonyl butoxide in the almonds.  These are prohibited in organics because of their neurotoxicity and hormone disruption in animals
Golean Crisp! Toasted berry crumble: contains GM soy grits and protein, GM canola oil, GM corn flour and soy lecithin.

These Kashi cereals have not claimed to be organic, but they have said they are all natural and do not contain additives.

If you want to make sure you are eating GM (genetically modified) free cereal you have to look for the organic symbol on the cereal box.

This makes me sad...I love kashi cereal.  I'm sure its still better than most cereals but if you want your cereal to not have any additives its best to stick with organic.  Food companies suck, they are in it for the money.  You really can't trust labels that say "all natural" there aren't enough regulations or rules regarding all natural.  The best route to stick with is organic, second best natural, and lastly every other kind of cereal.

Some good options for cereal:


Lately I have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.  I started eating mostly organic food too. 

This is how my conversations with Jordan have been...

Jordan: "Sam, what did you eat for lunch?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: "Huh, that isn't even a word."
Me:  "I love eating organics."
Jordan: "What did you eat for dinner?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: "What the heck!"

next day...
Jordan: "Hey what are you eating?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: ok....
Me: "Organics is when i eat really healthy mostly organic food, then I just say organics and i don't have to explain what I'm eating."

I have been saying this for every meal for the past week.  Some people might say I'm a repeater.  But i definitely think when you eat healthy you should just say, "I ate organics."  Then there is no need to explain.  Its a new phrase I think should catch on...

This is what I have been loving lately!

Make your own  peanut butter!  I made honey roasted peanut butter at whole foods market, it was so good!

Who would have thought dark chocolate would be a good flavor for yogurt.  I love it!

Best vanilla yogurt I have ever had.  I compared the ingredients list to a yoplait I had in the fridge.  Wow!  That was a wake up call.

Food Inc. Watch this on Netflix.  It will change your life.
Vanilla coconut milk! 

New Girl:  The funniest show out right now in my opinion, probably funnier than Modern Family

Food Matters: another great food documentary on netflix right now

I could spend hours in whole foods market.  It is by far my favorite grocery store I have ever been in.  I don't know if its possible to buy something unhealthy inside this store.

my first post!

 The best smoothie maker ever!

I am obsessed with this blender.  I bought it a couple weeks ago at Costco and have been making so many different delicious smoothies.

Today I'm going to share one of my usual smoothies I have in the morning.


organic spinach (I buy mine for $3 at Costco): 1-2 cups
organic plain greek yogurt or organic wallabys vanilla yogurt (I just discovered wallabys yogurt, it tastes so good!)
frozen strawberries: 1 cup
1/2 banana
blueberries: 1/4 cup
flax seed (optional): 1 tbsp.  You can't taste it at all, it just adds in antioxidants to your smoothie
vanilla coconut milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk: add in as much as you want depending on how thick you want your smoothie.  If you want less calories use unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  Its about 40 calories per cup compared to 90 per cup with the coconut milk 
add in a couple ice cubes

This smoothie has around 350 calories, 19 grams of protein when you add the greek yogurt!  You will stay full for a long time on such a small amount of calories.  Protein, veggies, fruits all in one drink!

If you want your smoothie to taste more sugary I would just skip the milk and add in any kind of juice. 

 I made this smoothie yesterday and wasn't hungry for five hours.  I love putting spinach in because some days I just hate eating vegetables and won't eat any all day because it doesn't sound good.  Sneaking them in a smoothie is a great way to get in your veggies!