Favorite Apps!

Here are some of my favorite apps!  

Livestrong app
This app is so great, you can use the app or just use the website.  This is a great way to keep track of your calories!  I hate keeping track of my calories but it will definitely keep you focused if you are trying to lose weight.  You can also use it to make sure you are getting enough protein or vitamins.  

My fitness pal app.  
I haven't used this one as much.  For some reason I just like the livestrong one a little better. 

Strava bike app
All you need is a smart phone or GPS.  You can map and record your bike ride and compares it to anyone else who has done that same course.

Strava running app
Same idea as biking, just track your running route and compare to other people.  Or you can just track it for yourself.  This is better than the other apps out there to track what you run because all of your friends can sign up to use this app and then you can see what routes they did on certain days and what their time was.

fitness buddy app
This app is by far my favorite!  I just started a job as a personal trainer at a gym and have been using this every day!  It is so great!  Hundreds of exercises.  

It has exercise programs you can use on the app.  I like making my own though.

You can use the image of the body to click on a muscle and hundreds of exercises will come up to work a specific muscle.

You can also keep track of your weight, bmi, and measurements.  This is great to keep track of when you are trying to gain muscle and lose fat.

If you don't already have this app, you need to get it asap!  Its fun to take with you to the gym.  You can also create workouts and label them.    

If anyone has any questions about nutrition or getting started with a weight lifting program please let me know.  I am glad to help with anything.  You can email me with questions at healthywithsam13@gmail.com.  Later this week I will be posting an exciting giveaway.  So get excited!

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  1. Sam-Love Livestrong. Also love Nike Training Club app.