Favorite Health Blogs

One of my favorite things is finding new health blogs to read.  I love when I find a really good one that I didn't know about.  The first blog I was really excited about was skinny taste.  They have some really good recipes.  Now I get most of my recipes from Oh she glows.  It is more of a plant based whole foods diet blog.  I want to try every recipe from chocolate covered katie, they sound so good.

Oh She Glows
This blog is a healthy vegan blog with tons of fun recipes.

Chocolate Covered Katie
A blog with only healthy dessert recipes
I haven't tried any of her recipes yet but they look delicious.  

No Meat Athlete
This blog is full of information on training and health.  It has a lot of recipes that I want to try.  I made the homemade vegan bars and they were really good.

Skinny Taste
I used to use this blog for everything I made.  It has a lot of tasty recipes

100 days of real food
Lots of healthy recipes on this blog.  I made the homemade vegetarian pizza from this blog

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  1. Love the 100 Days of Real Food blog...thanks for the favs!