Meal Plan

So the other day Jordans shirt was on the ground and our dog wouldn't stop trying to eat it.  We were really bored and Jordan decided to put the shirt on our dog and make him wear it.  Can I just say that I absolutely hate when people dress their dogs or put hair clips in their small fluffy dogs.  Its so stupid.  But it's hilarious at the same time!  There is something about dogs wearing clothes that just makes me laugh so hard.  One of our neighbors takes her dog out to the park the same time as me sometimes and her dog is a small little fluffy dog and she always has hair clips or pig tails in the dogs hair.  I just can't get over it.  It is so weird looking. 

This is our puppy with his newest makeover

This is pretty much what my neighbors dog looks like.  Stupid!

How do people end up buying dogs that are so ugly?  I seriously want to know.   Do they just feel sorry for them so they adopt them?  That's probably what happens.

Todays Meals
Breakfast: 2 slices ezekial bread with almond butter
calories: 350

Lunch: whole wheat pasta with egg whites and squash
calories: 377 

snack: lara bar (new favorite snack) 
calories: 220

Dinner: chicken salad with black beans, brown rice, and tomato with ranch dressing
calories: 455

All i did was put two pieces of chicken in my mini crock pot and once it was almost cooked added 1/4 cup of franks red hot sauce.  It is the only way I like to make my chicken these days.

Dessert: chocolate caramel nuts
calories: 100

Total calories for the day: 1502
sodium: 1795 mg
fiber: 37g
protein: 79g
sugars: 34g
47 % calories from carbs, 22 % calories from proteins, 30 % calories from fats

I'm trying to eat a little more protein right now because I'm doing cross fit this month


  1. That was the best post ever. Did you know Petco has an entire aisle dedicated to dorky dog clothes?

  2. Oh gosh I need to check that out haha.

  3. bahahaha i dare you to start dressing your dog like that all the time!