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I am finally starting to feel a little better.  I get to find out what the baby is in just three weeks.  I was in a complete panic the other day because I have only gained three pounds and am 15 weeks pregnant, I thought something was wrong.  Luckily my doctor said that was completely normal.   I am not trying to brag, I seriously was on a get fat diet because I thought the baby wasn't growing, I may or may not have made myself feel sick a couple times because I was trying to eat a ton.   I also found a new hobby, genealogy!  I always thought family history was a little boring until I started reading stories online about the pioneers in my family line.  I also found out that through my Grandma Leora I am related to the same person my husband is.  So technically we are fourth cousins twice removed.  The reason why family history is so fun is because its kind of like a mystery you are trying to solve.  I found eight kids that were not even linked to their parents through different documents I searched through online. We are actually going to take a trip to Safford soon because tons of my relatives are buried there.  I'm not going to talk about the election because it's just too sad.  I think we all know who the smart people in this country voted for. 

I started watching the cooking channel the other day and decided to actually write down the recipe and try it.  It turned out really good.  But I decided it was too much work for my lazy cooking self.  I only like meals that take thirty minutes or less haha.  This chicken lasted us all week.  So it was worth it.  I used the left over chicken to make a big pan of chicken enchiladas. 

Chicken marinated with herbs/butter:

Chicken marinated with herbs/butter:

I was at costco the other week and usually buy chicken once a month because its so expensive to buy it organic.  I usually buy the normal chicken breasts that I can quickly make on the stove or put in the oven.  Next to the usual chicken I buy were two whole chickens.  They were the same price as the other chicken I normally buy and were three times as much chicken.  So I guess for a little more work it was worth it.  You definitely get more for your money.

Here is the recipe:
-thaw out your chicken and place it in a pan wing side down.  (The opposite of how you normally cook a chicken).  Then combine half a stick of room temperature butter in a bowl with some chopped up rosemary and thyme.  Mix the herb butter and spread half of it all over the chicken.  Try to get the butter underneath the skin.

-In a separate bowl cut small potatoes in half and mix with olive oil and salt.  

- Bake the chicken (wing side down) at 425 degrees for about fifteen minutes.  Then take the chicken out and set the oven to 350.  Move the chicken to a different pan and put all of the potatoes in the pan you are cooking the chicken in.  Then move the chicken and put it on top of the potatoes.  Put the chicken back in the oven at 350 degrees (wing side up) or the normal way you cook a chicken.  Let the chicken cook for about an hour and ten minutes.  Make sure to buy a thermometer so you can check the temperature of your chicken to make sure it is cooked enough.  Stick the thermometer in your chicken and make sure it is at least 170 degrees. 

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  1. seriously can't wait for you to find out! the chicken looks delicious! and you'll have to give me some tips on family history, I am very interested too!