how to choose safe sunscreens for Summer

Now that it is really getting hotter here, its time to use sunscreen every day!  There are so many different sunscreens out there and its hard to know which ones are the safest and work the best.

What to look for
  • active ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, Mexoryl SX or abobenzone (3%)
  • SPF 15 to 50 depending on your skin tone
  • Lotions, not sprays or powders
  • water-resistant

What to avoid
  • vitamin A (reginyl palmitate) causes skin cancer in laboratory tests
  • oxybenzone, a hormone disrupter and skin allergen
  • High SPF, it  misleads people and offers no additional benefit

best beach sunscreens

 aveeno baby natural protection mineral block face stick spf 50

adorable baby, clear baby sunscreen spf 30

alba botanica  very emollient sunblock, kids mineral protection spf 30
alba botanica very emollient sunblock, fragrance free spf 30

babyganics cover up baby sunscreen for face and body, fragrance free spf 50

best sunscren lip balms

alba botanica natural very emollient sunscreen lip care spf 25 

babyganics cover up kisses lip balm, orange cream spf 20

badger unscented lip balm stick spf 15

best moisturizers with SPF

100% pure hydration organic pomegranate antioxidant, SPF 20
I have been wanting to try this out for a while.  Their lotions are so great!

Desert essence gentle nourishing day cream, SPF 15

Juice beauty tinted mineral moisturizer, ivory, SPF 30 

johnson's baby daily face and body lotion spf 40

Here is a complete list of safe sunscreens on EWG's skin base website.

EWG's hall of shame sunscreen list.  These are the worst sunscreens out there

banana boat ids quik blok sunblock spray lotion, spf 35-4% oxybenzone
coppertone water babies sunscreen lotion, spf 70+ -6% oxybenzone

banana boat baby tear free sunscreen lotion, SPF 50+
Arbonne baby care sunscreen lotion SPF 30
Australian gold baby formula lotion sunscreen, SPF 50+

Neutrogena wet skin kids beach and pool sunblock stick, SPF 70

There are 100s of sunscreens that are unsafe.  These are just a few that are bad.  Be sure to research if a sunscreen is safe on EWG's website before buying any.  

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