Kashi Cereal

Genetically modified (GM) and pesticide loaded ingredients were discovered in Kashi's supposedly "natural" cereals.

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In 30 other countries around the World the use of GMO's are restricted and they are banned in some countries because they are not proven safe yet.  
Go lean original: contains GM soy grits and protein, GM corn meal, GM corn flour, and GM corn bran

Kashi heart to heart original:  Contains organophosphate pesticides implicated as causes of neuropathy in humans

"Natural" Kashi golean honey almond flax: contains malathion in the wheat and chlorpyrifos and piperonyl butoxide in the almonds.  These are prohibited in organics because of their neurotoxicity and hormone disruption in animals
Golean Crisp! Toasted berry crumble: contains GM soy grits and protein, GM canola oil, GM corn flour and soy lecithin.

These Kashi cereals have not claimed to be organic, but they have said they are all natural and do not contain additives.

If you want to make sure you are eating GM (genetically modified) free cereal you have to look for the organic symbol on the cereal box.

This makes me sad...I love kashi cereal.  I'm sure its still better than most cereals but if you want your cereal to not have any additives its best to stick with organic.  Food companies suck, they are in it for the money.  You really can't trust labels that say "all natural" there aren't enough regulations or rules regarding all natural.  The best route to stick with is organic, second best natural, and lastly every other kind of cereal.

Some good options for cereal:

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