Lately I have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat.  I started eating mostly organic food too. 

This is how my conversations with Jordan have been...

Jordan: "Sam, what did you eat for lunch?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: "Huh, that isn't even a word."
Me:  "I love eating organics."
Jordan: "What did you eat for dinner?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: "What the heck!"

next day...
Jordan: "Hey what are you eating?"
Me: "Organics!"
Jordan: ok....
Me: "Organics is when i eat really healthy mostly organic food, then I just say organics and i don't have to explain what I'm eating."

I have been saying this for every meal for the past week.  Some people might say I'm a repeater.  But i definitely think when you eat healthy you should just say, "I ate organics."  Then there is no need to explain.  Its a new phrase I think should catch on...

This is what I have been loving lately!

Make your own  peanut butter!  I made honey roasted peanut butter at whole foods market, it was so good!

Who would have thought dark chocolate would be a good flavor for yogurt.  I love it!

Best vanilla yogurt I have ever had.  I compared the ingredients list to a yoplait I had in the fridge.  Wow!  That was a wake up call.

Food Inc. Watch this on Netflix.  It will change your life.
Vanilla coconut milk! 

New Girl:  The funniest show out right now in my opinion, probably funnier than Modern Family

Food Matters: another great food documentary on netflix right now

I could spend hours in whole foods market.  It is by far my favorite grocery store I have ever been in.  I don't know if its possible to buy something unhealthy inside this store.


  1. I love it! I'm excited to try coconut millk

  2. Where is the whole foods market?