30 minute arm workout

I love finding new workouts and mixing up my workout routine at the gym.  A website I love is bodybuilding.com.  You can pick a workout plan that works best for you and they will show you 3 months worth of work outs.  I love Jamie Eason and her work out schedule she posts.  You can look at it here.  This is one of Jamie Eason's (fitness model) workouts.  I love this workout and it only takes about thirty minutes to do.  I love it because its really fast but a really good arm workout.  You can do this work out at home or at the gym.  You just need one set of dumbbells.  

wide push ups: 3 sets of 12 video
dumbbell bench press: 3 sets of 12 
flat bench cable flyers: 3 sets of 12  video (I use dumbbells)
narrow push ups: 3 sets of 12  video
overhead triceps dumbbell extension: 3 sets of 12  video
triceps pushdown: 3 sets of 12  video  or do triceps kickback if you are doing at home here

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