West Nile Virus

The west nile virus is on the news a lot right now and I wanted to know the statistics of how many people were actually infected and where most of it was coming from.

About west nile virus:
The virus is transmitted through various species of mosquitos.  It can cause fever, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain or aches, malaise, nausea, vomiting and rash.  More severe cases are a neurologic disease when the central nervous system is affected.  West nile encephalitis causes inflammation of the brain and west nile meningitis causes inflammation of the meninges (protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord) or you can get west nile meningoencephalitis which causes inflammation of the brain and also the meninges surrounding it.

Statistics: according to the CDC (center of disease control)  from Jan 2012 as of August 21, 2012

total cases of west nile virus: 1,118 total deaths: 41

Arizona:  12 cases, 1 death
I looked up where most of these cases happened and they are all in Maricopa county!
California: 34 cases, 1 death
Utah: 0

highest states:
Texas: 537 cases, 19 deaths
298 of the 537 cases were neuroinvasive ( it affected their nervous system)
Oklahoma: 68 cases, 3 deaths
Mississippi: 79 cases, 1 death
Louisiana: 73 cases, 6 deaths
Michican: 30 cases, 1 death
South Dakota: 72 cases, 1 death

How to prevent:
Wear repellent.  The more you are outside the greater chance you have at getting bit.  Click here to find out more information on the west nile virus and to find out where most of the cases are happening in your state.

Pretty much if you live in Texas don't go outside!  Yikes.

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  1. Yay for Utah! The mosquitos have been really bad here, though. They bit Jane on her little 8 month old arm twice! It ticked me off.