shark attack deaths vs. cyclist deaths

I love watching shark week. I surfed all day last Monday and Tuesday in California and don't really think about sharks that much in the water.  I have seen one before in the water but just swam as fast as I could in.  It was in Hawaii when I was going to school/trying to be a pro surfer.  I looked up the stats about shark attacks because I know they are pretty uncommon.  I just try not to  think about sharks when I'm surfing because surfing is the funnest thing in the World!!!  

Here are the stats on sharks attacks:

Confirmed Unprovoked Shark Attacks, 1580–2011
United States
(Excluding Hawaii)
Pacific Islands / Oceania
(Excluding Hawaii)
South America105232011
Antilles and Bahamas67152010
Middle America56272011
New Zealand4782009
Unspecified / Open Ocean1472006
Source: -International Shark Attack File -Australian Shark Attack File —July 2012

Ok only 44 deaths from a shark attack since 1580!  I think I'll take my chances in the water.  On shark week it said that there have been 52 attacks in southern California from 2000-2010.

I wanted to compare shark attack deaths to cyclist deaths per year to show Jordan.  I guess I am screwed because I like to bike and surf haha oh well.

Stats on deaths from cyclist accidents in US:
Year   Deaths
2001  732 1.7
2002  665 1.5
2003  629 1.5
2004  727 1.7
2005  786 1.8
2006  772 1.8
2007  701 1.7
2008  718 1.9
2009  628 1.9
2010  618 1.9

So on average around 600-700 cyclists die each year just in the US from accidents.  And only 52 people have died since the 1500s from shark attacks.  CRAZY!  Hopefully my husband knows what he's doing.  I would definitely rather take my chances surfing over biking.

Enough depressing stuff.  On to my new favorite drink!  I am such a drink person.  I love making/trying new drinks.  This one is super easy and delicious!  It is inspired from true food kitchen.  We went there on our vacation, definitely overpriced food and it was just ok in my opinion.  They had a list of all natural drinks and they had one kind of similar to this.  

Coconuty Juice Delight:

What you will need:
coconut water
your favorite juice

Directions: Add 2/3 cup coconut water to 1/3 cup juice

Here is my at home work out for the day:
total time: 35 minutes

warm up:
-200 jump rope
-50 sit ups
-100 jump rope

work out:
set timer for 25 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible
-30 kb swings (see video)
-20 leg lifts (lay on back lift legs all the way up and all the way down)
-20 pus ups (on knees, chest touches the ground)
-50 air squats
-20 swimmers (lay on stomach, keep legs up and chest up while moving hands like you are doing the breast stroke)

I just bought a kettle ball at walmart for $35!  They are pretty expensive everywhere else.  I got a discount on mine because it had a small hole in the fabric around it, score!  I got a 25 pound one.  I think anywhere from 15-25 is a good amount of weight.  25 is perfect for kb swings.

Also please click here to read the funniest thing I have read in a long time!  You will laugh out loud, trust me!!!


  1. Okay, that story had me laughing so hard. That was probably the funniest thing I've read in a very long time. Man, I'm still laughing! Let's face it. Fart stories are hilarious.

    1. I know I thought it was great haha. I think if the same thing happened to me I would never talk to the guy again.

  2. Hahaha you KNOW appreciate a good fart story, whether it's mine own or not! haha! Oh can you tell me some killler whale statistics...little freaked out! Good to know though about sharks!

    p.s. lets do dinner again! tell Jordan we need to go to sauce this time!

    1. stink bomb of 99 was probably tied with this girls story. Ya lets get together soon!

  3. sam! are awesome! what a great blog! I need to try some of your recipes! I am the worst food eater...and need to do better :)