How to make your own wall ball

 When I was at my parent’s house I asked my mom if she had any old basketballs I could use to make something.  My sister and I got about five balls and headed to the park around the corner that has a ton of sand.  We made medicine balls and they turned out awesome! I just saved myself over fifty bucks easy.  Some of them cost up to $80.

What you will need:

Any size old basketballs/soccer balls
Use a water bottle for a filter.  Cut the end of the water bottle off. 


Make an X with scissors/knife in the ball
Use the water bottle as a filter to fill the ball up with sand.
Use duct tape to put over the hole in the ball

I'm probably going to cover my entire balls with duct tape.  One of the balls is 18 pounds and the other one is 12.  You will probably only need a medium size basketball/soccer ball.  I saw small ones at walmart for only $5.  A normal size one ends up being too heavy.  I didn't fill up the spalding basketball all the way. 

Click here for a work out by Anna Kournikova with a medicine ball

Or type in medicine ball into my fitness buddy app and 20 or more will come up 

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