Easy Salmon Dinner

I was not ready to go back to work today.  I wish I had every single Monday off.  That would be glorious!  I dream of the days when I will be a stay at home mom.  Who knows when that will be.  On Monday I went on a 55 mile bike ride.  The furthest I have ever gone on my bike!  I am trying to train for the tour de st. george bike race right now.  Jordan is really excited that I have been biking a lot and just came home with a prize for me today.  It's a new garmin for my bike.  I have a really old one and the battery keeps dying when I go on rides.  If I ever want new bike stuff Jordan will always get it for me.  Its great being married to a bike mechanic who is obsessed with bike crap.

Easy Salmon Dinner Over Rice

This recipe only took me about 20 minutes to make.

brown rice
pesto sauce
2 carrots
2 sweet potatoes
2 cups broccoli
1 avocado

I put 1/2 cup brown rice in a bowl and topped with salmon, 1 cup of sweet potatoes, 1 cup broccoli, a couple teaspoons of pesto, 1/4 cup of shredded carrots, and a couple slices of avocado.

for the salmon I seasoned it with salt/pepper/lemon pepper/garlic salt.  I baked it in the oven at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  I made a big thing of brown rice at the beginning of the week so I didn't have to prepare it for the meal.  For the sweet potatoes and broccoli I used the steamable bags and cooked them both in the microwave.

Fast fun work out

Run/bike for 10 minutes

set timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible:
-20 push ups
-20 lunges each leg (in place)
-30 sit ups
-10 burpees

after you complete the 30 minute workout set a timer for 4 minutes and do any butt exercise.

total workout time: 34 minutes and then you are done!

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