How To Choose Safe and Natural Products

Being pregnant makes me think about what I'm putting into my body more than I usually do.  I'm affecting someone other than myself by the way I choose to eat.  I buy only organic produce right now because the pesticides in food can affect your baby.  Recently I started looking into ways to wear more natural and safe makeup products.  My first purchase was to switch my makeup to bare minerals a couple months ago.  I love it!  The other night I went through everything in my bathroom and typed everything into the EWG's skin cosmetic database.  They rate all cosmetics on a scale of 1-10 and tell you what chemicals are in your product and how safe they are.  I definitely had some stuff in my bathroom to chuck.

EWG skin cosmetic database:
This website is seriously awesome!  You can look up almost any product.

Green beauty guide website: this is an awesome site with a lot of good information on toxins in your beauty products and natural beauty tips:

Here is a list I found on the green beauty website of the worst chemicals in skin products:
-propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol
-isopropyl alcohol
-cationic surfactants (stearalkonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, certimonium chloride and cetalkonium chloride)
-Triethanolamine(TEA) and diethanolamine(DEA)
-synthetic wax and coal tar
-parabens and diazolidinyl urea
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Here is some of the stuff that I am not using anymore.  On average they had ratings of 4-5, I wanted to stay in the 1-2 on EWG website at least while I have this baby cooking inside me.

Here is my list of safe and natural products!  

For Baby
For Christmas I got a fifty dollar gift card from my parents to babies R Us.  I used it all today to buy the baby some burts bees and organic soaps.  Burt's bees definitely has some of the best products out there. They are all really safe and have a low rating of 1-2 on EWG.
-Baby bee shampoo and wash fragrance and tear free
-Diaper ointment
-Dusting powder
-Calming lotion
-babyganics bubble bath
-babyganics daily lotion

-Trader Joe's refresh citrus body wash
-citrus shampoo/conditioner
-avalon organics shampoo/conditioner: score of 2


-Aveeno active naturals daily moisturizing lotion

-J.R Watkins naturals aloe and green tea lotion
-Burt's bees milk and honey body lotion

Skin Care
-Alba botanica natural very emollient sunscreen spf 20
-Alba botanica facial toner
-Burt's bees peach and willow bark deep pore scrub
-Burt's Bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream
-Burt's Bees citrus facial scrub
-Earth science eye makeup remover

Other Products:
-Avalon organics moisturizing cream shave
-Burt's bees natural toothpaste
-Alba Botanica tea tree deodorant
-Burt's bees cuticle cream
-Alba Botanica pineapple quench lip palm
-Alba Botanica coconut cream lip gloss
-Desert essence therapeutic chapstick with tea tree oil
-Peacekeeper nail polish

For Men
-Burt's Bees natural shave cream
-Burt's Bees natural deodorant
-Giovanni hair gel (men or women)
-Giovanni shave cream
-Desert essence therapeutic tea tree oil chapstick

-All of the products that I listed are very safe and have really good ratings.  There is no such thing as the perfect product but there are some that come pretty close.  So far I am loving my coconut cream alba botanica lip gloss and my trader joe's shampoo/conditioner.  I have been using Burt's bees for a while and definitely think it is the way to go.

Some great websites to shop for products:
Don't forget about Sprouts and Whole Foods

What natural products do you buy? I would love to hear!


  1. I've been loving Trader Joe's tea tree face wash and their tea tree shampoo and conditioner is great (tea tree shampoo is supposed to ward off lice...which I worry about with a daughter in school). I've been searching for a safe anti-perspirant (aluminum free) and I haven't found anything. Burt's Bees baby products are the best!

  2. I don't use anything with petroleum in it. That's my #1. I use Jojoba Oil or Coconut oil on my face. I did use coconut oil on my feet, but it discolors my socks. Burt's Bee's has a lot of smelly products, but I do like the smell of shea, butter or citrus. I do buy their unscented hand lotion. I love, love Burt's Lemon & Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil. Honestly, I keep products to a bare minimum...(since I am a minimalist)! I cleanse my face with caster or coconut oil. Basically, I use 4 oils and I stopped using fingernail polish completely. I cleanse my face with oil, I wash my face with oil and I moisturize my face with oil. Keeps it simple!

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