berry oatmeal breakfast

This weekend we tried to plan a fun trip to go on since it will be the last time we can get away before I have the baby.  We decided to stay here and try to find something fun to do instead because every thing involved being in a car for too long and that just doesn't sound fun to me right now.  I suggested we rent paddle boards and go all day to the lake, my idea was shot down fast with a quick, "Sam, you are 7 1/2 months pregnant, choose something you can actually do."  Sometimes I forget that I am pregnant and think that I can still do everything.  I guess using my abs for half a day on a paddle board isn't the best idea.  Maybe I'll settle for a massage or pedicure (since I can no longer reach my toes). 

This is my go to breakfast right now.  It hits the spot.  Really delicious and healthy.  

Here is what you need:

-Coach's Oats (I buy mine from Costco) or you can use regular oatmeal
-organic frozen fruit:  This big bag of organic berries was only 10 dollars at costco.  This is definitely the cheapest you can get organic frozen fruit.  
-truvia (optional) 

Make the oatmeal according to directions and then top with your favorite frozen fruit.  Add a small pack of truvia and mix everything together.


  1. We seriously love Coaches Oats around here. Once you start eating them, regular oats are passe! I love the way you prepare them here. I've never thought of using frozen berries like this!