my favorite things at trader joe's

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things I buy at Trader Joe's.  I usually do most of my shopping at sprouts and the farmers market, but lately I have been loving trader joe's.  I like how you don't have to weigh their produce because everything says the price on it.  I went yesterday afternoon and I was so mad the entire time because it was so crowded.  Never again will I go on a Monday afternoon.  Way too many people (mostly grandmas).  I'm sorry for saying this but the snowbirds here are driving me insane.  Normally they don't bother me this bad, but since I am 7 and a half months pregnant I get annoyed easier by everything.  I am going to start doing grocery shopping at 8 in the morning or 9 at night.  Anyways, onto the food!

organic hummus dip
I buy this when I am too lazy to make my own hummus.  

organic flour tortillas
These are the cheapest organic tortillas you can buy.  I buy two packs a week and put one of them in the freezer.  I live for tortillas these days.

Organic vanilla yogurt
Their organic yogurt is by far the cheapest, I think 2.99 for a big thing of it.  It lasts me all week.

Trader joe's creamy peanut butter and organic raspberry fruit spread
I love both of these!

Pink lady organic apples
their organic apples are a lot cheaper than other places.  I think it was around 3 dollars for this bag of apples.

microwaveable tiny potatoes
These are so yummy, just heat them up for a couple minutes in the microwave.

trader joe's medium salsa

Raw almonds

trader joe's granola bars
I know these aren't the healthiest, but sometimes you just need a little dessert/snack.  Instead of making cookies (i hate baking) i just eat one of these.

refried pinto beans salsa style and refried black beans with jalapeno peppers
I just discovered these delicious beans the other week.  They taste so good with my whole wheat tortillas.

Dried mango


  1. Just bought those tiny potatoes bc I saw them on here!! We absolutley love them. And AH I also get SO annoyed at super crowded stores and I'm not even pregnant...!!!

  2. They are so good!!! I saw your bran muffin recipe and really want to try them, they look delicious!

  3. You should post your hummus recipe! I need a good one...

  4. Going to try trader joes! I've long been told of its awesomeness but never tried, sad I know. But I want to try their tortillas and those microwave potatoes!