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I am so excited to work out again!  I can't wait to work out every day and have more energy and feel better.  I am definitely not myself when I can't work out.  Right now I count grocery shopping as a work out.  One of my favorite things to do is try new workouts and new exercises.  I'm really sad that we sold my road bike when I got pregnant, hopefully my husband will get me another one someday.  I think after I have this baby I'm going to get back into cross fit.  I have pushed myself harder doing cross fit than I ever could lifting weights at the gym by myself.

Since I am getting so excited to work out I have been making up workouts I want to try.  Here are 3 at home workouts that you can do.

Workout #2 will definitely be the hardest.  Burpees are my worst nightmare.  I hate them so much, but love them at the same time.  Doing burpees helps with your strength and cardio all in one.  After I did 200 burpees (before I was pregnant, I would probably die if I did one right now) I could not lift my hands above my head to wash my hair because I was so sore.  If you aren't sure how to do a burpee there are tons of tutorials on youtube.  

Also I am getting really excited for Summer!  These are some things I'm excited for...

Lululemon has a super cute line of swimsuits out that are made for surfing and are more athletic.  They look really comfortable!  I'm definitely going to have to buy one for our California trip this Summer.

I really like this workout bag that just went on sale at lululemon.  I think it would be perfect for a baby bag too because it has so many compartments.   Sadly enough a sale at lululemon is still not cheap enough for me.  Maybe for my birthday I can talk Jordan into getting it for me.


This bob stroller that my dad bought me.  I can't wait to try it out when the baby gets here.  

 Most of all (besides being a new mom!) I am so excited to go surfing this Summer.  It has been wayyyy too long!

photo: surf, lululemon

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