how to grow your own wheat grass

We are getting so excited for baby girl to get here!  Only four short weeks til our baby comes.  It seems so far away.  Who knows, maybe she will come sooner.  Jordan was at a friends house working on their bikes and they gave him this awesome crib!  I was so excited.  I already put it right next to my bed so I can stare at my baby 24/7 haha.  I am definitely ready for this pregnancy to be over.  My stomach pretty much hurts all the time, I am so sick of it.  My mom came over and cleaned my house, brought me lunch, and gave me a MUCH needed pedicure!  It was the best day ever.  Love her!

During this pregnancy I have tried to eat really healthy for the baby.  One thing I got into was juicing wheatgrass.  It is super cheap and easy I promise!  (Or else I probably wouldn't do it).  I first tried wheatgrass at jamba juice but decided two dollars for a shot of wheatgrass everyday would get old. 

what you will need:

certified organic hard red wheat for growing wheat grass.  Here is where I bought mine on amazon.
Around $12 for 5 pounds (really good deal)  

Organic soil (I bought this at walmart for a couple dollars)  We are in an apartment so I didn't feel like awkwardly digging a hole and stealing dirt.  Organic soil is always best to use.

Azomite:  around 10 dollars on amazon.  You only need a very small amount for growing wheatgrass so it will last you a long time.  Azomite has 67 organic trace minerals to help wheatgrass grow.

wheatgrass tray:  I bought super cheap individual trays at walmart for five dollars.  It's better to use an actual wheatgrass tray that has holes in it so the water can drain out.   You can buy these on amazon as well.

And that's it!  Simple!

how to grow your wheatgrass

The first thing you will need to do is soak your wheatgrass seeds in cold water for a couple hours, I just soaked mine over night.

Next, fill up whatever trays you are using with organic soil.  I filled mine about 2/3 full.

sprinkle azomite all over the soil.  I used a spoonful and just sprinkled it over so it covered the dirt.  Just make sure it's evenly spread out.

Sprinkle wheatgrass seeds on top of azomite.  

place a paper towel over your wheatgrass and then use a cup to pour water all over the paper towel.  I placed my wheatgrass in the sink so it didn't make a mess.  Leave the paper towel on top of the wheatgrass until it starts to lift the paper towel up from the height of the wheatgrass.  This will probably be for five days.  Water your wheatgrass once a day.  I think mine took around a week and a half to grow until I started juicing it.

There are a couple options on how to drink your wheatgrass.  The cheapest easiest way that I use is to cut a handful of wheatgrass and put it in my blender and add a small amount of water.  After I blend it all up you can use a strainer (I use a milk bag, you can buy them at whole foods or amazon) and get all of the juice out without the leftover grass chunks. can buy a sweet wheatgrass juicer.  I will probably get one eventually, but right now all of our extra money is spent on baby stuff.  So maybe after the baby stops sucking all of our money I will save for one.  This one actually looks like a pretty good one that I would probably buy.  They can range anywhere from 50-300 dollars.  

Once you cut your wheatgrass you can use the same seed and just keep watering it and cutting it.  It's recommended to only do this five times because it will start to lose its nutrients.  I use the same seeds five times and then toss them and start over again.  

Benefits of wheatgrass

  • wheatgrass juice is one of the best sources of chlorophyll available, chlorophyll is the basis of all plant life
  • wheatgrass is high in oxygen and the body tissue and brain function better in a highly oxygenated environment
  • chlorophyll is anti-bacterial
  • wheatgrass rebuilds the bloodstream
  • Wheatgrass has over 100 elements needed by man
  • wheatgrass juice is superior compared to any other fruit or vegetable juice.  Just 15 pounds of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 350 pounds of carrot juice.
  • chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body
  • chlorophyll helps purify the liver
  • chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems
  • wheatgrass juice helps with acne and even removes scars
  • wheatgrass juice keeps hair from graying (I am all for that)
  • wheatgrass improves digestion

Order your wheatgrass stuff today!  It's really fun to do a shot of it every morning.  And then you can start your day off super healthy.  Here is a starter kit that has everything you need in case you would rather buy it all together.  They also have a lot of good information on their website.

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