New water bottle

 One of the things that I can't stand right now is drinking water that isn't ice cold.  Probably because I'm pregnant and hot all the time.  I just bought this awesome thermos water bottle and am in love.  It stays ice cold for 12 hours.  I always wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and have ice cold water next to my bed.  This water bottle is perfect for the awful Arizona Summer weather.  I'm definitely going to have to buy another one of these.  I bought my thermos waterbottle at walmart for 15 dollars.  They have them at target too.  You can use them to keep your drink warm for 12 hours too, but who would want that in AZ, yuck! 


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  1. I seriously have to get one of these. The thermos I have doesn't work so well and it's hard to keep a refreshing drink all day when you're out and about!