mineral foundation, blush, and bronzer now on my etsy shop

I just added three colors of foundation, a blush, a bronzer, a vanilla eyeshadow color, and an ivory eyeshadow color.  I'm going to eventually add more foundation colors and I have a lot more eyeshadows to add, but it probably won't be for another couple of weeks until I have this baby.  Three more weeks, I can do this!  It takes all of my effort to do the simplest things these days.  Here are some pictures of my latest colors.

           ivory mineral eyeshadow
 I made it for highlighting underneath the eyebrow and the tear duct. 

Peachy bliss mineral blush
I wear this blush everyday and love it!  It blends really well.

mineral bronzer
This bronzer blends perfectly with foundation and looks very natural.  I made a bronzer that wasn't too dark and has a slight shimmer to it.  

vanilla mineral eyeshadow
This eyeshadow is perfect highlighting.


light mineral foundation
This color will match almost all lighter skin types.  It blends really well and covers up skin blemishes.

medium mineral foundation
This foundation is the color that I wear.  I have light to medium colored skin.  It can really work for a lot of different skin types.  This is my favorite color of foundation  I have made so far.

tan mineral foundation
This foundation is for medium to tan skin.  Perfect color for a Summer foundation when your skin may be a little darker.

 I added some samples on my shop for 25 cents plus shipping.  
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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