natural teething remedies for Allie

This past week I decided to start training for the turkey trot. So far I can barely run three miles.  I have been running with Allie, pushing her in the jogging stroller.  I want to do the 6 mile race, but I don't know if that will happen.  I can't believe I ran a marathon and can't even run 3 miles now!  Getting out of running shape is so easy!  Just stop running for two weeks and you pretty much lose it.  I love doing the turkey trot every year.  It's so nice to wake up and run before you eat a yummy meal that pretty much lasts all day long!  I'm not a big fan of turkey and stuffing so Thanksgiving food isn't really my thing.  Pumpkin pie is though!  I pretty much would rather just eat the pumpkin pie for dinner.  This year I'm going to make a vegan pumpkin pie from the blog Oh She Glows.  I love all of her recipes, they always taste good no matter what I make.  I can't wait until her cookbook comes out!

Lately Allie has been such a stinker!  She wakes up a couple times a night crying and eating her hands and anything she can get her mouth on.  I feel so bad for her so I can't just let her cry because I know her mouth is hurting her.  Orajel shouldn't be used on babies because it has benzocaine in it and has been linked to a disease called methemoglobinemia.  The FDA has warned people not to use this on babies.  You can read the CNN article here, I'm not making this stuff up people.  You would think that they would stop selling it, but no they still do.  So I became desperate to find something that would work for my baby.  I wanted my happy Allie back so bad!  I also really like sleeping!

Allie's teething routine!

Her teeth usually don't bother her that much during the day.  It starts around 6 that she gets really angry and starts doing but thrusts in the air and chews on anything she can find.  This can go on for hours and hours.  At night this is what I have been doing for her and ever since she has been using all this stuff she has slept 8 hours or more.  

2 doses of camilia 

Camilia is a natural medicine that has chamomilla to relieve teething pain, phytolacca decandra which relieves painful gums, and rheum which relieves minor digestive disorders associated with teething.  All natural and safe ingredients.

I rub coconut oil and lavender oil on her jaw and around her nose.

I mix 1 tbsp coconut oil to 2 drops lavender oil and put them in these containers that I bought at the dollar store.  It smells so good, helps her sleep, and helps sooth her sore jaw.

I also rub coconut oil and clove oil on her sore gums.

I mix 1 tbsp of coconut oil to 2 drops clove oil and put them in a container and mix it.  Then I just use a qtip or my finger and rub her mouth where it is bothering her the most.  Clove oil helps numb the mouth and relieve the pain.  These three things have been helping out a lot.  

Sometimes I just give her a cold carrot to chew on :)

Here is a video of my thruster girl!  She does this A LOT!  

and here is what my happy girl looks like
Being a mom is so hard sometimes, but it is worth it!
I have so much fun dressing this girl

I have been working really hard to get all of my eyeshadows done in time for this boutique.  There are going to be over 80 venders, so come get your holiday shopping done early!  I've never sold my mineral makeup at a boutique before so I'm kind of nervous, but if no one buys it at least Christmas is coming up and I can use them for presents, right?

These are some of the pictures my sisters let me take of them.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I used my mineral makeup on them to get some pretty shots.  

Top pictures are amber glaze with maroon matte.
bottom pictures are silver with black..


  1. Sam! I love your blog soooo much! In the past year I have started to do natural remedies and I am trying to heal my body from all of the damage the dangerous chemicals have done to it. It's sad how bad most products we are exposed to are for our bodies! I love the teething info. When we have kids, I will definitely be using that! And about the makeup, that's sooo cool that you make it. How much do you sell the eyeshadow for?!

    1. This is Christie Jacinto (Richmond) by the way!

    2. Hey Christie! I hope you are doing good! Congrats on getting married:) I'm glad you're into the health stuff too! I recently did a plant based diet for a month and it was awesome. No dairy, meat, or processed foods and lots of veggies. I need to work on posting more quick healthy recipes. I'm selling my eyeshadows anywhere from 3.50 to 5 dollars each. Just depends if it's a small container or large. I will start selling them on my etsy website once I finish selling at two boutiques this month. I would love to send you some to try!