weekend getaway

We went to Camarillo, California this past weekend for a quick vacation.  We wanted to take Allie to the beach now that she's older and a little easier.  I watched Allie while Jordan went on a long bike ride along the coast and then the next day he watched Allie on the beach while I surfed.  It worked out perfectly.  Then on our last day there we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.  Taking Allie to the zoo was my favorite part about the trip.  She loved the flamingos the most!  She was just staring at every single animal saying oooooohh, it was so cute! 

Here are some pictures from our trip

We found an organic farm on the way home from the beach.  It was delicious!  Strawberries, tomatoes, and squash to add to our dinner.

My grandparents have tons of avocado trees in their backyard.  I was in avocado heaven!
Some things I have been loving lately.....

making eyeshadows!

I just signed up to sell my makeup at two boutiques!  I am so excited, but have lots to do!  I will post more info on it when it gets sooner.


Love the engine 2 veggie burgers for a quick healthy dinner.

This is my new favorite pizza.  It's trader joes no meat, no cheese, organic pizza.  Healthy and delicious!!

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