Change the World

  I felt really good about myself the other day.  Mostly because the ring tone I have on my phone is one of the verizon ringtones that sounds like it should be on a soundtrack to someone about to make it to the top of a mountain with one leg. I sometimes don't answer my phone and just let it ring and pretend like I'm running a marathon or something.  I just signed up for a CSA program online and went to a farm in Lehi to pick up my weekly fruits/veggies and eggs.  Its 25 dollars per week.  All of their food is grown organically without any pesticides.  This is such a great deal.  You get to eat foods that are only in season.  For my other foods that I couldn't buy there I just went to sprouts and bought two or three organic fruits there.  I love helping local farmers and the environment!  If you don't live in Arizona just go to this website.  You can just type in your zip code and it will show you all the local farms in your area, farmers markets, and restaurants that have healthier foods.

Check out their website here

What I got for twenty five dollars last week:
2 pounds of potatos
2 pounds of sweet potatos
1 pound of kale (I add kale in my smoothies, Mr. Farmer at this farm said they are great for kale chips)
bundle of carrots
beets (never again, i hate them, what was i thinking)
spaghetti squash: two medium

what I got this week:

This is definitely worth the money.  Especially since I am not a fan of the grocery store.  It is so easy, just go there and pick out your ten veggies and fruits.  They also have a bunch of different recipes each week that go with all of their food they have.  They pick the food on their farm daily.  I love it so much I want to work there.  I'm too embarrassed to ask the farmer if he would hire me.

Here is a funny video from last night.  Our dog is so weird.


  1. what in the crap is a leek? and beets always remind me of dwight!

  2. What the crap. When did you get a dog?!

  3. Sam- I'm loving your blog. You are totally motivating me. I've been to Sprouts twice this week, I've made your smoothie and I'm drinking more water than Diet Coke--I know--miracle for the Hatfield Family.

  4. Beets are so gross. I tried to like them but I can't. We got a dog a couple months ago haha. My dad hates it, he wants a grandbaby.

    Colette yay! I'm glad you like my blog! Good job on the diet coke.