favorite skin care products

  favorite skin care items!

These are some of my skin care items I use on a regular basis.  I always use EWG skin deep website before buying a new product because it rates the product and tells you how safe it is and any harmful ingredients it might have.  All of these items have really good ratings and are very safe for your skin.

COq10 Avalon organics face wash
-hands down the best face wash I have found.  I love it because I also use it as a makeup remover.  It gets off almost all of my makeup just by washing my face.

alba botanica mineral protection facial spf 20 sunscreen
refer to this post to see different safe sunscreen options for this Summer!

my own oil serum (to the right of the sunscreen)
I buy these containers at sprouts and add a combination of vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, and sesame oil.  I usually only wear my oil mixture to bed.  I just put a couple drops in my hand and rub all over my face.  This really helps when I break out and want to control my face.

kiss my face fragrance free moisturizer
This is is the cheapest, safest face lotion I have found so far.  It was less than 10 dollars at sprouts.  The back of the container says it is meant to be a face lotion too.

100% pure red wine resveratrol nourishing cream and eye cream
I'm kind of a 100%  pure snob!  I love everything on their website.  I wish I could afford all of their face stuff.  Their items are pretty pricey, but very high quality.  I got all of my skin care stuff from them when they had a huge black friday sale.

100% pure red wine resveratrol scrub and mask
I love using this scrub once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells on my face.  My face is always baby bum smooth after I use this.  You can also make your own natural face scrub to use with olive oil and brown sugar.  There are a lot of different recipes out there.

My body lotion combo
To make my body lotion I buy a container at walgreens or walmart and fill it almost to the top with avalon organics aloe unscented body lotion and then I put in a couple tablespoons of sesame oil.  I shake it all up and then you have the best lotion for your skin.

Yerba Prima skin brush
This skin brush is used all over your body to get rid of the dead skin cells.  It really helps with circulation.  I try to use mine twice a week really quick before I get in the shower.

Almost all of the items can be found at sprouts/whole foods.  100 percent pure is only an online shop

Products I am dying to try:

I love the honest company!  I have tried a couple of their items and have really liked it.  I am tempted to sign up for a monthly subscription of their items!


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